Services We Provide

Camera Installation

Monitor and analyze video

Run plates & generate violation

Provide analytics data

Online dispute portal

Online payment portal

High-end cameras provided by Stop for Kids

Cameras are maintained and calibrated with regular inspection with a high playback speed of the footage for integrity.

Advanced machine learning technology

Tracking location and duration of each car's stop to determine whether a violation has occurred.

Machine Learning sends license plate to local DMV

The DMV uses this information to identify the registered owner of the vehicle.

Cameras are equipped with advanced analytics software

Software can track and analyze various aspects of traffic flow, including the number of vehicles that pass through the intersections making a full or partial stop.

Violation notice is sent to registered owner of the vehicle

Through a secure portal the registered owner can view all details of the violation and decide to dispute on the online portal.

Easy payment options on the online payment portal

This portal allows to review the violation online and pay using a debit or credit card.

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