If you received a Stop sign ticket

To ensure prompt processing, you can pay or dispute directly with the municipality via our online platform or by mail. Complying with their payment policies is crucial to avoid penalties or late fees.

How to review your ticket


Search with license plate number

Use the license plate number associated with your violation to search for the details of your ticket.



Search with violation and pin number

In the top right hand corner of your violation, you will find your violation number and a unique pin. Use this to find the details of your violation.



Review the violation in detail

Once you've found your violation, you can review all of the details and watch the video recording.


Pay online

To pay online, all major credit cards are accepted and can be processed through the payment portal.

Common dispute reasons

The Municipal Court maintains the jurisdiction to dismiss violations at its discretion.

Vehicle or plates were stolen, lost, sold, or transferred

Police reports or proofs of sale will be required.

This is my vehicle but I was not the driver

The vehicle identified bears a license plate registered or leased in your name. All registered owners are legally responsible for this violation.

Violation has already been paid

This violation has already been paid but I received it again.

Incorrect vehicle identification

If you believe the violation was issued to the wrong vehicle, you can provide evidence to support your claim.