Join forces with us to elevate the standard of traffic safety in your community

Stop for Kids offers a wide range of road safety solutions, making us your one-stop shop for Stop sign safety.

Getting started with Stop For Kids is Simple

Our commitment is to collaborate with municipalities globally, adapting our software to align with their specific local regulations.

While there may be some administrative tasks that need to be completed, the registration process is streamlined and only involves a few simple steps to ensure maximum convenience.


Provide Stop for Kids with a list of STOP sign locations to be included in the safety initiative.


Review and approve the violation notice template bearing the name and logo of your municipality.


Conduct necessary training sessions to ensure proper utilization of the stopforkids portal for efficiently handling violations.


If required, work with the Municipal Governing Body to customize our software and meet their specific local law requirements.


A pedestrian who is struck at 20 mph has a 10% chance of dying.


More than 900 people die each year and nearly 2,000 are injured as a result of vehicles running red lights.


National data shows that even a
10-mph speed increase, ups the risk of a crash by 9.1%.

The Power of Machine Learning:
What can our system really do?

Our machine learning system takes the recorded video captured by our cameras and uses its advanced tracking, analysis, and customization capabilities to reduce the possibility of errors in the production of violations.

Track license plate state

While keeping compliant with our code of ethics, it can classify vehicles

Utilizing AI computer vision to classify vehicle behavior, including Illegal turns, stops, failure to yield to pedestrians, and more.

Bad weather conditions or at night; the machine learning isn’t affected

All-weather AI-powered cameras that operate seamlessly day or night, ensuring accurate results in residential areas without intrusive flash or radar technology.

Programmable to send out warning letters in specific scenarios

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