AI-Powered Cameras Boost Stop Sign Compliance from 3% to 85% in Less Than 90 Days

Our compact, all-weather AI-powered cameras operate flawlessly day and night, delivering precise results in residential areas without disruptive flash or radar technologies.

Furthermore, our system is equipped to verify license plates, manage the mailing of violations or warning letters, and offer a portal for payment and disputes.

Stop For Kids was created after the wife and children of one of its founders were struck by a distracted driver in their local community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team installs discreet, compact, all-weather AI-powered cameras that operate seamlessly day or night, ensuring accurate results in residential areas without intrusive flash or radar technology.

Our team uses patented AI technology to monitor videos, checking if vehicles stop at stop signs and classifying other behaviors like illegal U-turns, wrong turns, and more.

Our system is equipped to verify license plates, manage the mailing of violations or warning letters, and offer a portal for payment and disputes.

Offenders can conveniently access the online portal by scanning the provided QR code, which takes them to detailed violation information, including photos and video evidence. They can securely pay the fine using a credit card, dispute the violation online, or request a court date for a hearing.

Yes, we provide comprehensive traffic reports for stop sign locations, including data on the number of vehicles that failed to stop, stopped, and slowed down.

We believe in a self-sustaining model funded by violators. Service fees are covered by collected payments, ensuring no cost to the municipality or taxpayers. Revenue can be reinvested for community safety improvements.

Case Study Stop Sign Camera
Enforcement in Village of Saddle Rock

Steady improvement in driver behavior

Substantial drop in violations reflects the camera’s impact on promoting safe driving habits.

Long-term impact

Continuous monitoring with the stop sign camera led to a lasting improvement in compliance with traffic regulations.

Stop Sign Camera: Transforming Driver Behavior with AI-Powered Enforcement

Watch as drivers go from disregarding stop signs to making full stops, all thanks to our innovative technology.

Explore the future of traffic safety and compliance with Stop Sign Cameras, where AI meets enforcement, and drivers change their behavior for the better.

Before violation was issued

After violation was issued

Percentage of vehicles that
failed to stop


87.3% failed to stop when safety initiative was launched


Temporary removal of stop sign camera led to increase driver behavior of not stopping at signs


Only 3.8% failed to stop as of April 2023, within a period of 8 months



Municipality installed 1 camera, community demands 4 more for enhanced safety and


Stop sign compliance surged from 3% to over 85%, witnessing a remarkable increase in vehicles that came to a stop.


AI cameras funded by violators, no cost to municipality or tax-payers, creating a self-sustaining program.

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