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Our mission is to be the leading technology provider for municipalities worldwide, prioritizing safety in school zones and residential communities.

When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle traveling at 30 mph (50 km/h), survival drops to 10%. However, at a reduced speed of 20 mph (30 kmh), the survival rate is 90%.


Cell phone distraction accounts for 25% of all accidents, equating to one in every four collisions.


At a speed of 15 mph, a vehicle can come to a stop in time to avoid a child who is two car-lengths ahead. However, at 30 mph, it requires the length of an entire basketball court to come to a stop.

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Stop for kids.

Idea was realized after the wife and children of one of our founders was struck by a distracted driver in their local community. Fortunately, everyone involved in the accident survived and recovered.

But this is not always the case in the United States. A full 16% of child deaths from vehicular traffic in 2019 were pedestrians hit by cars or trucks


of child deaths from vehicular traffic in 2019 were pedestrians hit by cars or trucks


teens die each year in vehicular crashes caused by texting and driving


stop sign related accidents in Texas were caused by drivers disregarding or running through a stop sign or stop light

The technology behind Stop for Kids is simple. Cameras mounted near the stop signs in your local municipality automatically record violations based on Machine Learning (ML) technology.


If you have received a STOP sign violation in the mail, you can review, pay or dispute it here.
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